Johan Gustafsson - Aircraft


This is the aircraft Johan Gustafsson owns and uses for airshow performance. One is the most modern glider aerobatic aircraft in Sweden. The Glider is a SZD-59 "ACRO", it is manufactured in Poland 2005. It is constructed in fiberglass and weight 270kg.
Piper L4 / J3 Cub, which is an old american trainer aircraft. They where used during second world war, this particular plane was servicing the UK during the war. This plane is also avaliable for demonstrations / airshows.


Wing span 13,2m
Length 6,85m
MTOW (Max Take Off Weight) 380kg
Max speed 285km/h (154kt)
Max load (G-Force) +7 / -5 G
Roll rate 100degrees/sec
Glide ratio 1:36
Seats 1
Registration SE-UVJ
Manufactured 2005


Thorp T18

Wing span 6,35m
Length 5,77m
MTOW (Max Take Off Weight) 680kg
Max load (G-Force) +6 / -3 G
Max speed 340km/h (182kt)
Engine size 150hk
Seats 2
Registration SE-XGA
Manufactured 1989


Piper J3 / L4 Cub

Wing span 10,74m
Length 6,83m
MTOW (Max Take Off Weight) 555kg
Max speed 196km/h (106kt)
Engine size 65hk
Seats 2
Registration SE-AUE
Manufactured 1942