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2017-07-17 Wheels and Wings 2017

Ww have been in Falkenberg during this weekend for airhsow at Wheels and Wings, very nice weather and lot of people. Here is some pictures from my show:


2017-07-07 Air to Air photo

This weekend I did some Air to Air photos with Tomas Wiklund. Here is some of the results:


2017-06-26 Andoya Airshow 2017

On 20th of june we started our journey north towards Andenes and Andoya Airshow. First day we stopped in Luleå. We spent 4 days in Andenes in beautiful weather and midnight sun. We went for hiking and model airplane flying on the nice slopes. Now we are in Umea for first stop on our back home. Here is some pictures:

Slope soaring in great enviroment

Nice view!


2017-06-18 Karlskoga Airshow

This weekend there was an airshow in Karlskoga. I did two display flights on Saturday. IT was really nice weather. We took the chance to aerotow the glider over to Karlskoge as it was nice weather and pretty close. Here is some pictures:

The crew and towplane

Swedish colors!


2017-06-15 Sola Airshow 2017

Här är en snygg bild från Sola tagen av Jörgen Nilsson


2017-06-11 Sola Airshow 2017

After two long days with some low clouds, wind and light rain we have managed to fly at both days with great result. Tomorrow we will start driving back home to Sweden. Here is some pictures, maybe there is more later:


2017-06-08 Stavanger

Today we have been driving 850 kilometers to Stavanger, Norway, for the first show in Europe this season. It is the Sola Airshow at Saturday and Sunday, read more at:

nice landscape

We took a walk in Stavager this evening and had some nice dinner.


2017-06-06 Swedish National day

There have been a lot fo flying today. First a fly in at Stegeborg with Henrik in his WT-9 RG. On the way back home we visited Frölunda and Skå-Edeby. After that there was some practice for the coming airshows and packing of glider in trailer.


2017-06-01 Calendar for 2017

The calendar for 2017 starting to be fully booked. For this season there is several events as we have been to before but also some new airshows and countries!
See more details of dates at Airshows


2017-05-15 SE-UVJ home again

The glider is finally back from Australia. We have been flying to get some display training before the show season starts in Europe.
I will publish my airshow calendar or this year very soon.

I have also been testing the aeroclubs new glider, HPH 304C WASP.


2017-05-01 Inter Hannover Safe Skies

We have arranged a 3-day competition in gliding during the weekend in Dala-Järna. It is the first competition of the year in the series of Inter Hannover Safe Skies. We got very nice weather and lot of flying. I finished 6th place but one of the days I managed to win. Here is my pictures

Siljan from above


2017-04-09 New glider for the aeroclub

This weekend me and 2 more from the aeroclub was to Kromeriz, Czech Republic, and bought a new glider for our aeroclub. It is a very nice HpH 304C Wasp from 2004. Thanks to Åkerströms, letting us use their car!


2017-03-28 Australian International Airshow 2017

Here is some more pictures, photo by Algimantas Deikus


2017-03-16 Australian International Airshow 2017

I have got lot of pictures from our trip to Australia and I will share them here, but now a video from the twilight show at Friday evening in Australia


2017-03-06 Australian International Airshow 2017

Yesterday was the last airshow day for this ear in Australia. We managed to deassemby and put in trailer yesterda after the show an today we have inished everything in container so it is ready for shipping so Sweden
Tomorrow the whole team is flying back to Sweden after more than 2 weeks here in Australia


2017-03-04 Australian International Airshow 2017 day 2

Another day is coming to it's end here in Australia. The weather has been amazing today and there have been lot of people here watching. Very nice being here meeting some old friends but also making new ones!
Here is some pictures from todays show:


2017-03-03 Australian International Airshow 2017 day 1

We have been working pretty much last days so haven't managed to update here every day.
During Wednesday we flew on the second day with trade show, it was a nice flight, I add some photos here under from the organizer.
During Thursday several shows where cancelled due to fog during the first part of the day, one of them was my flight.
Today there have been the first official airshow day, we performes our twilght show with great success! I hope I can add some more photos here later from the show. Tomorrow and sunday there is more airshows

Ready for takeoff just before sunset


2017-02-28 Trade show 1

The first of 3 trade shows is done. The weather is really hot but everthing is running well for us.


2017-02-27 Rehearsal flight

Finally in the air with the glider again, feels really nice! Will be beutiful shows in Avalon this week. Now we are making it ready for the first real display tomorrow at the first of 3 Expo days.


2017-02-25 Great Ocean Road

380km in left hand traffic is what we have managed today along the Great Ocean Road. That is a really nice road along the coast line with spectacular scenaries.


2017-02-24 Media day

Today there have been a media day with a light airshow for the media and a static display of all performers that where on site already. We where joining the static display today. Here is a picture infront of F18 from tha RAAF.


2017-02-23 RAAF Museum

TOday we have visited Point Cock and the Royan Australian AIr FOrce museum. We have also puted the glider together in our hangar. We managed to find a wild Kangaroo today


2017-02-22 Tourists in Melbourne

We have been touristing in Melbourne today. We was visiting Sea Life, I liked penguines most. I have also been practicing the dringin on left side of the road. The weather is fantastic with -37 degrees today


2017-02-21 Unloading container in Australia

Container is opened an unloaded with great success, everything looked just like it did in Sweden two month ago. We have also got our Nissan rental car, very strange to be driving on left side


2017-02-20 Arrived in Australia

After more than 24 hours of journey we finally arrived in Geelong where we will stay, it is just outside Melbourne. Now we are going to have some sleep, as this is needed for the whole crew. Tomorrow we are going to the airport for opening and unloading the container!


2017-02-18 flying on the Ice

Tomorrow we are departing from Stockholm and hearing for Australia and Melburne. There have been a lot of flying on the ices last weeks. It is very nice conditions now.


2017-02-05 Simulator and update on shipping to Australia

This weekend I have been flying Boeing 737-800 simulator, that was interesting. Really nice with 100% real cockpit.

The shipping with my glider is going as planned, it is close to final destination. Just a few days on the sea left. It is ging to Melbourne and then on the road from there.


2017-01-28 Flying to café

There has become unusuall nice ice on the lakes, 400mm ice with almoast no snow. We decidied to ake the plane and fly to a café, ryggåsstugan, which is located at the lake storsjön close to Dala-Järna. Just because we could!


2017-01-21 Work in China

Have been in China for bussiness trip in two weeks. We had some time for touristing so we went to the great wall of China north of Beijing.


2017-01-01 Ice flying

This year started with flying on the ice, the lake Ralgen.

2016-12-28 Australian International Airshow

Now it is official, as the first Swedish aerobatic pilot we are going to Australian International Airshow! This will be our first event outside Europe. The Glider is on it's way in container and I will fly to Australia in February. Read more about the event:



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